SwissMain is a Forex brokerage company that provides a wide range of trading options, platforms, and strategies for investors who want to succeed in today’s exciting and rapidly expanding Foreign Exchange Market. They came to R&D Solutions as they needed bespoke web and mobile development solution for the adjustable and innovative trading platform. SwissMain Platform has web version as well as applications for Android and iOS, so that traders enjoy trading on the “run” on both smart phones and tablets. We take pride in providing real time quotes, easy access to the financial markets, user friendly interface, variety of easy to use indicators and trading alerts for both web and mobile platform. Read more

Our client – a big sports retail company in Europe, came to us with a need to optimize their on premise ordering workflow. Their current corporate focus is on efficiency, mobility, digital transformation and increasing of customer satisfaction and the way their communication and ordering process was organized didn’t meet these objectives. To achieve their corporate goals and to enhance communication and to better customer experience, they decided that it was time for a more effective order management system. Read more

R&D Solutions has experience delivering bespoke software using modern technology stack and responsive designs. For our client WorkWave we have developed Customer Self-Service appointment scheduling and billing web portal which is integrated with the Single Sign-On solution, we have already implemented for them.  The portal is hosted on the AWS infrastructure and is highly available, scalable and fault tolerant. It is used to handle end-to-end provisioning process of the necessary PestPac Customer Portal environments (Dev, Staging, Production and On-demand). Futher information on the specifics of the development of the portal Read Here

R&D Solutions designed, architected and implemented Single-Sign On enterprise solution for WorkWaves’ more than 10 different systems. SSO ensures redundancy, high-availability, scalability and disaster recovery strategies, considering AWS best practices. We designed and deployed a WSO2 Identity Server architecture. The deployment and provisioning process of the whole system was fully automated via AWS CloudFormation and PowerShell. Read more

R&D Solutions consults WorkWave on how to improve their processes and optimize their costs. Part of our work involves increase the efficiency of the way log files are used. To get the full benefits of the log files the data must be presented in a handy and meaningful way. We have implemented a solution using AWS archive mechanics cost optimization strategies. The structure that we have organized guarantees that particular set of recipients receive notifications based on concrete rules, applied to the logged information. Read more

As their business grows WorkWave needs to extract the essentials of all the monolithic systems that they possess and expose the required functionality as APIs. What we have provided them with is a micro-service architecture which includes building an API platform to make the internal development of new functionalities/ application/ services easier, but also to offer the capability to expose particular APIs to clients who want to integrate their systems directly. Read more

To migrate the data from the four types of legacy data bases R&D Solutions created a thorough data migration plan. We designed and implemented a toolchain to automate the data extraction, mapping and importing of data from the legacy systems to the next generation relational database and to facilitate the migration process. During the migration we managed to keep all systems working and without any disruptions for WorkWave’s clients. Read more 

R&D Solutions provides complete IT cloud services on top of AWS – consultancy, architecture analysis & design, development, implementation, deployment, support and maintenance.


Our main expertise is bespoke software development of enterprise systems and solutions, cross-platform mobile apps, cloud managed services and DevOps automation on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS). The DevOps methodology of continuous delivery of consistent value and quality is at the heart of our software programming, project management, system integration, quality assurance and business processes automation.


Our mission is to make the binary code speak the language of the business and assist companies in their effort to achieve competitive advantages. Our goal is not simply to understand the client’s needs but also to provide consultancy and the right solution for their budget, time frame and resources.

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