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Game Backend As a Service /BaaS/

R&D Solutions worked on Amazon Web Services architecture for a gaming company, focusing on server-side services using .NET and Docker

The Challange

To ensure smooth and unburdened game creation process B12 team had to adopt microservices architecture where the system is developed as a suit of independently deployable, small, modular services in which each service runs a unique process and communicates through a well-defined, lightweight mechanism to serve a goal.
As a high-level overview PlayWing and B12 Studio were looking for a solution to incorporate high availability, multi-region deployment, easy creation of environments, high load capacity, easy monitoring and continuous integration and  delivery (CI/CD).

The Solution

Technology used:
B12 Studio and PlayWing  trusted R&D Solutions AWS experts to design, develop and manage their infrastructure. B12 Game Services are a suite of RESTful web services designed specifically for the needs of MMO games and for accomplishing their primary goal – provide seamless user experience.
We have provided PlayWing and  B12 Studio with a comprehensive and reliable cloud solution to power their games.  Since an online game is as good as the infrastructure behind it. The Game Services are built with multiple games in mind. To accomplish this the solution was designed game – independent, not burdened with any game specific logic.  Game Services serve both Game servers and clients – mobile or desktop devices.
The R&D Solutions services provided for the specific challenges of the project are:
  • Developed a set of web services and integrated with Game Server, Mobile and Desktop clients
  • High availability: Services are containerized using docker (AWS ECS) and deployed to multiple Availability Zones and different regions in AWS. Each service has several instances in case of failure. Docker ensures that applications are with almost instant start-up and monitored properly.
  • Multi-region deployment: We have created an AWS CodePipeline implementation for a docker image cross-region deployment.
  • Easy deployment of environments: We use HashiCorp Terraform, so that an entire environment can be deployed in less than 5 minutes.

The Results

With finalizing the setting up of the microservices architecture to service B12 Game server, R&D Solutions provided working environment for the game creation. Operating services that we delivered to PlayWing and B12 teams include:
  • Authorization
  • Configuration
  • Data Storage
  • Game Monitoring
  • Push Notifications
  • Realm Balancer
  • Translation

What the client says

Without them, we wouldn’t have managed to put the end product live in the timeframe.

They successfully completed the development work on time, leading to the publication of one game thus far. The team worked smoothly alongside the in-house team which facilitated the effective management of the project, and were flexible and reactive throughout.

Dobromir Georgiev , B12 Studio

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