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In this article, I’ll go over the most important pricing principles that all AWS users need to know. I’ll also do an overview of the different pricing models, along with some examples from EC2, S3 and Lambda. If you’re already spending $100 million a year on AWS (Hi, Lyft), this article might not be for … Learn more
As 2019 ended, I decided to review AWS’s activity this past year. “Reviewing” turned into hours of reading and watching videos. Even for someone working with AWS daily, it’s impossible to keep up with everything. I’ve compiled a list of news, courses and services/features that I found interesting. This list is by no means exhaustive. … Learn more
On 19.12.2019 we hosted the first ever official AWS webinar in Bulgarian! We partnered with AWS to help everyone looking to start utilizing the cloud. The response was amazing and we thank everyone who took the time to participate! You can enjoy the recorded Webinar right now. It doesn’t require any previous AWS skills or … Learn more
A cloud migration strategy is a high-level framework of principles for conducting a successful move of data, applications, and (or) other digital elements to a cloud computing environment. Like other crucial business processes, the move to cloud computing needs a solid strategy to succeed. Finding the correct way of getting from point A to point … Learn more

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