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Development Teams

R&D Solutions build dedicated software development teams for IT companies and clients in various sectors helping them fulfill their software development needs and implement digital transformation in reasonable time and cost manner


If you need an entire dev team or just a developer to join your project which is outside of your main business, you are on the right place. Developers remain on our payroll in our dedicated office, but you are the one who manages the entire team and sets the direction. If you want to have the team on your payroll, there is an option too.

Our experienced and highly professional developers can bring advantage to your business through their expert knowledge across various sets of services and technologies (front-end, back-end, cloud services, DevOps and agile methodologies) and fulfill your projects end-to-end requirements. We deliver the right business outcomes faster than our competitors and help you monetize more effectively by producing state of the art, high performance and cost-effective web and mobile software applications.

Process Concept

  • Staffing the team with company’s resources or sourcing the developers’ market in Bulgaria
  • After we choose candidates based on their technical skill set and experience client has the final decision prior on-boarding process
  • We provide office space and technical equipment for the team
  • Maintaining client’s team in terms of payroll, social security payments, accounting, office equipment and hardware, utility costs and HR & administration coverage
  • The client has full control over the daily workflow and manages the team activity through a Project Manager or a Team Leader assigned by him
  • There is an option in which R&D Solution manages the team and daily work process
  • The team works at a fixed daily/monthly cost, no hidden expenses
Process Concept

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