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Single Sign-On Solution

The Challenge

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WorkWave is dedicated to simplifying the complexity of running field service and other fleet-based businesses, large or small. The company’s suite of cloud-based field service & fleet management solutions, which include PestPac®, WorkWave Service™, ServiceCEO™, WorkWave Route Manager™, WorkWave GPS™, GPS Heroes™ and ContactUs™, allow WorkWave clients to easily attribute and automate sales and marketing activities, improve their back-office efficiency and increase their visibility into field operations through a single, easy to use interface. WorkWave’s platform provides its 8,000+ clients an unprecedented level of business insight and information, enabling them to increase efficiency, increase revenue and provide a 5-Star customer experience.

The Solution

Technology used:

R&D Solutions designed, architected and implemented Single-Sign On enterprise solution to meet WorkWaves needs. SSO ensures redundancy, high-availability, scalability and disaster recovery strategies, considering AWS best practices. We designed and deployed a WSO2 Identity Server architecture. SSO was developed and is supported on the AWS infrastructure. The deployment and provisioning process of the whole system is fully automated via AWS CloudFormation and PowerShell. What we did in short is:

  • Scripting the necessary environment using AWS CloudFormation service
  • Preparing AWS AMIs with preconfigured WSO2 Identity Server “golden configuration”
  • Ensuring necessary security measures are applied through Security Groups
  • Enabling Multi-AZ for the MySQL RDS instance
  • Implementing Powershell scripts for additional environment configuration
  • Enabling CloudWatch integration for monitoring purposes
  • Combining CloudWatch with AWS SNS topics for receiving notifications
  • Implementing scalability with Auto-Scaling groups in combination with CloudWatch metrics
  • Placing Route53 records and AWS Classic Load balancers for distributing the traffic

The Results

Fully automated and customized Single Sign On solution on the Cloud according to the needs of the client with several available environments – Development, Staging and Production to handle all the development needs. This SSO makes the life of support staff and end customers a lot easier. With the system functional a new benefit was identified – the possibility a support rep to impersonate a client with an issue. This increased support quality and decreased time for resolving customers’ issues.

What the client says

Software Engineering Services

We started working with R&D Solutions in 2014 and for more than two years now they have been collaborating closely with our internal teams and delivering both DevOps and software development services. We have their developers and DevOps engineers involved in a number of key WorkWave software projects. R&D Solutions are key partners for us and we look forward to continuing and strengthening our relationship

Kerry DeLay McCane (Product Manager), WorkWave

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