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The concept When we have a hybrid mobile app (which is essentially an application running in the native browser) and we want to implement 3D interactive animations of some sort, one of the first options, that will pop up, when you do your research is Unity WebGL – this Unity build option allows regular Unity … Learn more
My case I was in a situation that is probably not very common nowadays because I was on Windows XP machine and was trying to run Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Studio. Unfortunately I was constantly getting “Could not register DAO350.dll”. It was very critical for my case because I had to debug 20 year old … Learn more
This article is looking to provide more insight of how a team, which is a shared resource, can utilize its productivity and maintain good ways of collaborating with others towards building great end-products. This software development process’ goal is to outline good practices that can be followed, in order to produce good quality releases, coming … Learn more
I’m so excited to announce the completion of the HawkCD Alpha Release milestone,  and finally, our product is open to early adopters for test drive and feedback. I’ll answer a couple of fundamental questions hoping  they will give the reader idea for our motivation and product value proposition.   What is it? HawkCD is an … Learn more
The inspiration for this blog post came from the fact that I wanted to shade some light on how we at R&D Solutions help our clients implement Continuous Delivery practices in their software projects.  I’ll be talking a little bit about the process we’re following and what are the key steps we go through with our clients … Learn more
The most recent reports about Continuous Delivery (CD) show a higher adoption rate year over year among enterprises. The authors of the Continuous Delivery methodology defined three key traits to determine when an organization has fully implemented its practices. The following questions represent them: 1. Is your software confirmed to be in a shippable state every time a new feature … Learn more

System Testing Levels

Planning an effective testing process involves a variety of different testing approaches, each with their own goals, advantages and disadvantages. In this post I will cover the most common stages a software system testing usually undergo:   Unit Tests Written by the developer concurrently with writing the code, these tests are focused on the smallest element of … Learn more
This is a brief introduction to OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect protocol. Before we dive into OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect, lets talk about two terms that are tightly related to OAuth and they worth being mentioned.   Authentication & Authorization Authentication and Authorization are two terms that are widely used. Very often they are used together and sometimes it is possible … Learn more

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