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  It is said that DevOps is about to finish what the Agile has started. So much has been written about DevOps but still there are plenty of interpretations. The common understanding is that DevOps is about collaboration between Development and Operations teams.   But why the collaboration is so necessary? A possible answer lies in the Agile movement for shipping software which imposes fast pace development … Learn more

Getting Started with Salt

This is an introductory post to Salt. I have been looking around the internet and I could not find a place with well organized content about Salt that would help people get started with this technology faster and easier. When I need to grasp a new concept, approach or software product, fist I look at what … Learn more

Using Sed to Parse JSON

Sed is the ultimate stream editor. I’ve been using it for various text manipulation tasks. In one of my projects I was building a Continuous Delivery Pipeline using  Thoughtworks GO sever. The app I was deploying had a configuration file in JSON format and here’s where sed came in to play. A common technique when building Continuous Delivery is to build once and … Learn more

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