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AWS Cloud Assessment – Costs, Security and Technical Factors It’s time to dive deeper into the subject of the actual step-by-step process of cloud migration. AWS has crafted a cloud migration strategy, consisting of six phases: Cloud Assesment Phase Proof of Concept Phase Data Migration Phase Application Migration Phase Leverage the Cloud Phase Optimization Phase … Learn more
The only way to see if you truly have the best possible version of your idea is by running tests in the AWS cloud and verifying their results. This is where Proof of Concept comes into play What is a Proof of Concept (PoC)? PoC is a term used in various fields of business and … Learn more
After deciding to migrate some or all of your IT assets to the AWS cloud and crafting the right plan and strategy, all that’s left is to perform the migration itself. No easy task. Some transitions to a cloud environment take months, especially if potential problems arise. An essential step at this stage is to … Learn more
Server migrations to the cloud are a natural step for businesses that run into the traditional problems of maintaining in-house servers. The costs of buying or renting hardware, infrastructure, and office space can be way too large. Possible disasters and the lack of uptime guarantees are also among the most common factors for moving away … Learn more

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