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Bulgaria has been a prime destination for IT and business outsourcing companies for many years. The country has strong traditions in the IT sector dating back to the 1980s. Back then Bulgaria was referred to as the “Silicon Valley” of the Eastern Bloc for its huge role in production and supply of hardware to all … Learn more
INSIGHTS The emerging shortage of skilled talents in the technology and IT sectors for the past few years will continue to grow with even bigger scale in the next 10 years. Today every company’s goal is to increase its market share and be recognized as a leader in its business field while at the same … Learn more
This document explains the specifics of Spot instances, the pricing model, how you could compare prices, how you could create both Spot and On-Demand instances. Check it out on the link bellow: Introduction to AWS Spot Instances Learn more
The concept When we have a hybrid mobile app (which is essentially an application running in the native browser) and we want to implement 3D interactive animations of some sort, one of the first options, that will pop up, when you do your research is Unity WebGL – this Unity build option allows regular Unity … Learn more

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