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The use of data has recently gained mainstream popularity. The term Big Data takes center stage in the IT industry, often being cited as one of the three pillars of technology development in recent years, along with AI and cloud computing. Controversies surrounding the secure and ethical use of data have also made headlines and … Learn more
We’ve already discussed why cloud migration is a complex and multi-layered process that can bring immense value to organizations when performed the right way. After deciding to move to the cloud, organizations need to choose a cloud vendor. Without a doubt, the most common choice is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Let’s look at what AWS … Learn more
Do you know how migrating to the cloud can improve your day to day operations? Are you aware of the benefits of cloud computing for your business and how to choose the right migration strategy for a successful migration process? If you still have doubts, our webinar will uncover the best practices and benefits of … Learn more
The definition of cloud migration is the transfer of data, applications, and (or) other digital elements to a cloud computing environment. On the smallest scale, this could mean uploading files to Google Drive. Large scale migrations can include transfers of vast amounts of data, entire data centers or multiple workloads, for example. While it might … Learn more
Cloud computing is one of the most discussed topics in the IT world today. The cloud has huge applications for businesses, individuals and government organizations. Actually pretty much everyone today uses a cloud application whether they know it or not. Even though the topic of cloud computing has gained mainstream popularity over the last 10 … Learn more
This document explains the specifics of Spot instances, the pricing model, how you could compare prices, how you could create both Spot and On-Demand instances. Check it out on the link bellow: Introduction to AWS Spot Instances Learn more

What do we need to know when using AWS SQS?

What is SQS and when we use it? Amazon SQS is a web service that gives you access to message queues that store messages waiting to be processed. You can use it to: Build a microservice architecture and use message queues to connect your microservices. Keep notifications, that need to be send Make applications more … Learn more

How to scale AWS EFS (Elastic FIle System)

What is AWS EFS? EFS stands for ElasticFileSystem and it is the AWS implementation of a network drive. The drive can be almost one click created in the AWS Console and it takes several minutes to boot up and generate the URL. For more details please refer to AWS ElasticFileSystem page.   EFS burstable performance … Learn more

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