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Deploying services in AWS without downtime

Deploying services without downtime n today’s SAAS world it is a common requirement to deploy applications or/and services without downtime. There’re various techniques and patterns that can be used to satisfy it, e.g. blue green deployment, as explained by Martin Fowler – The blue-green deployment approach does this by ensuring you have two production environments, … Learn more
Introduction Monitoring proves to be a very important part of maintaining systems, services and applications on premise and in the cloud. It allows you to be aware of the current state of the monitored resources – whether it is reliable and its performance is good enough for your needs. The monitoring is more or less … Learn more

Getting Started with Docker Machine

This is the first post from a blog series dedicated to how we at R&D Solutions use the Docker tools for our core product – HawkЕngine. HawkЕngine is a software built with the goal to provide end to end Continuous Delivery process automation. Containers are fundamentally changing the way we develop, distribute, and run software, … Learn more
AWS RDS service is about to allow hosting your own databases in the cloud (Amazon). You can tweak almost any aspect of the deployed database instance. In my particular case I had to change the default value of the MySQL instance lower_case_table_names option. It was necessary because the application I was deploying had been built on windows thus used … Learn more

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