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Account Management Application for Android and iOS

The Challange

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Broadband VI is a major internet service provider (ISP), operating in the US Virgin Islands. They have a robust wireless and fiber infrastructure, which helps them serve clients in multiple markets – residential, commercial, enterprise, academic and the public sector.

More importantly, Broadband VI is built on a foundation of speed, reliability and superior customer service.

That’s why they wanted to take their user experience to the next level. The way to do that was a mobile application for their customers. With expertise in both software development and Amazon Web Services (AWS)R&D Solutions was a natural choice for the job.

The Solution

Technology used:
  • During the development process, we used a variety of technologies. We built the backend with PHP (Laravel Framework), the frontend with NativeScript (Angular) and used MySQL to manage the database.
  • We also made sure to use different AWS services like QuickSight for reporting, CloudWatch in combination with SNS for monitoring and notifications and RDS plus DMS to store, replicate and save data and logs.
  • Finally, we made sure the app takes full advantage of the opportunities that serverless computing provides. The app currently uses AWS Lambda with functions written in .NET Core 2 for multiple cases.

A Superior User Experience

The app allows customers to interact with Broadband VI in an entirely new way. The technology stack we used to build, host and manage the app makes it a modern, stable and easy to use solution. 

Most importantly, the app perfectly matches Broadband VI’s values – it’s fastreliable and customer-centric

Customers don’t need to go to the office or even call. With the click of a button, they can pay their invoices, track their payments, update their billing information and order new services. All from the comfort of their home.


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