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Laying The Foundation For Open Banking

The Challange

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Madara Invest is a company that aims to revolutionize the world of finance. They strive to connect traditional financial institutions (like banks) to the new and exciting ecosystem of fintechs. The company has an app-based approach to financial services provided initially to underserviced Europe market segments with a plan to go worldwide.

On top of all 10% of their profits go to charities for children, which is awesome. 

Madara Invest’s bold vision required a reliable technology partner that’s up to date with the latest in tech. That’s why they chose to partner with R&D Solutions. They needed to migrate their native mobile app and API Gateway to the cloud, build a secure digital infrastructure on top of AWS and utilize the best DevOps practices early on in their journey. 

The Solution

Technology used:
  • Our goal was simple – help Madara Invest start their journey on the right track by employing the best DevOps practices, utilizing the full potential of the AWS cloud and implementing a containerized approach.
  • We started by designing and developing a containerized microservices highly secure, scalable and resilient cloud architecture. This foundation embodies NIST CSF (Cyber Security Framework) principles using an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach 
  • The CI/CD process was our next step. We designed and implemented a CI/CD pipeline that allows the development team to frequently and reliably ship new high-quality features. 

The Results

Madara Invest’s project is now a modern, cloud-native, microservice based fintech architecture, built entirely on NIST Cybersecurity Framework – a framework, focused on security outcomes organized around five functions (Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover), and deployed on top of Amazon Web Services.  

The application backend layer uses a containerized approach combining Docker, Amazon Elastic Container Registry and Amazon Elastic Container Service. They managed to utilize the best DevOps practices, using Jenkins for Continuous Integration and Deployment of the whole application stack, including the Android and iOS mobile apps 

Secure Digital Infrastructure 

Madara Invest now has a cloud infrastructure that’s up to date with the best security practices. We helped them build a foundation that’s compliant with all the NIST Cybersecurity Framework requirements.  

Shorter Time to Market 

Employing the best DevOps practices means automating a ton of manual processes and removing deployment bottlenecks. Our approach makes sure Madara Invest has a smooth CI/CD process which gets their products to the market faster without compromising quality. 


An ambitious project like this one must always have room to grow easily. The AWS cloud provides just that. On top of being secure, Madara Invest’s operations are easily scalable, with more resources always being available in the cloud. 

What the client says

R&D Solutions’ team is built by young and ambitious professionals who really care about their customers

“R&D Solutions’ team is built by young and ambitious professionals who really care about their customers. All the tasks are communicated with them, described and completed on time. Their response time is instant and they always provide at least a couple of technical options. They successfully migrated our native mobile applications and API Gateway to AWS, configuring virtual servers, databases, security policies and a CI/CD process. Also, they help us configure our website again on an AWS infrastructure. It is a pleasure work with this team and I would always recommend it to our partners and investors! Amazing job!” 

Kalin Sharlandzhiev - CTO , Madara Invest

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