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HawkCD (Alpha) Just released !!

I’m so excited to announce the completion of the HawkCD Alpha Release milestone,  and finally, our product is open to early adopters for test drive and feedback. I’ll answer a couple of fundamental questions hoping  they will give the reader idea for our motivation and product value proposition.


What is it?

HawkCD is an open source  cross-platform application release automation server. It has been built with the Continuous Delivery practices and principles in mind to help Software Development teams orchestrate and automate their software BuildTest and Deploy workflows in the Software Development Lifecycle


Who the product is built for?

The product is built for Agile Software Development teams (Developers, Build, Release, DevOps and Quality Engineers as well as Release Managers) to facilitate fast pace delivery.


What’s included?

It includes the bare minimum of features to enable Agile Teams to start automating Builds, Tests & Deployments of their projects.

  • Deployment Pipeline Orchestration – allows crafting a release process from code commit to production deployment
  • Integration with Git – allows polling source code from git repositories for compilation, packaging and/or distribution
  • Artifacts Explorer – allows storing artifacts a.k.a build output for download at later stage
  • Parallel Job execution – allows running jobs in parallel across grid of agents
  • Granular Authentication & Authorization – allows having multiple teams manage and control the access to specific deployment pipelines

Pipeline Screen


Pipeline History Screen


Pipeline Run Management Screen


How do I get it?

All Product relevant information can be found at the project website: http://hawkcd.io




Radoslav Minchev ( Rado ) is a senior-level DevOps/ALM expert and Microsoft certified developer. He is the founder and Managing Director of  R&D Solutions. Rado is running the company Product Development and Services Divisions. In the past he was the senior manager for global engineering services for one of the worldwide leaders in software components development, where has lead the company team of engineering architects, release, software and test automation engineers providing build automation, continuous integration and delivery for 10 product development teams worldwide.

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