Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Migrating Applications to the cloud


The cloud is the foundation for a more agile organization that can innovate faster. R&D Solutions migrates business applications to AWS Cloud to help businesses innovate faster, reduce costs and operate more securely. Unlike on-premises infrastructure, AWS requires no upfront investments, is easy to scale up and down, and allows businesses to pay only for the capacity they use. Our AWS experts use several tools that can help expedite migration, including the ability to import existing virtual machines, leverage existing software licenses, and move data quickly and securely.

Database Migration to the Cloud


Migrating database to the cloud doesn’t need to be difficult. Amazon Web Services and R&D Solutions can help quickly plan and perform migration to managed database services Amazon RDS or Amazon Aurora, while ensuring a high level of data integrity and reducing risk. Managed Database Service on AWS provides more than just the benefits of the cloud, such as improved security, scalability, and performance; they enable developers and database architects to focus on projects that drive business value like developing new applications and analytics.

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Contact R&D Solutions for cloud migration services! Our services include digital cloud transformation and mobile solutions on top of AWS infrastructure; consultations for the implementation of DevOps and Agile software development methodologies and project management, cloud services, based on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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