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Whitepaper: Disaster Recovery With AWS


Disaster Recovery With The AWS Cloud

Disaster Recovery (DR) should be a crucial component of your Business Continuity plan. If you don’t have a DR strategy or you can’t execute it, you’re putting your entire business in a huge rusk.

Operating in the AWS cloud gives you vast DR capabilities, but you’ll need to learn how to access them. Our Whitepaper will provide you with an understanding of the fundamentals of DR in the context of AWS.

Get R&D Solutions’ Whitepaper on Disaster Recovery with AWS to learn about:

  • Monitoring in the AWS Cloud
  • Alarm Types and Setup
  • Restoring VMs (EC2 Instance)
  • Restoring Databases (RDS Instance)
  • Restoring Operational Infrastructure in Another AWS Region
  • Testing and Verification
  • AWS CloudWatch, CloudFormation and CloudFormer


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