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Provisioning a Secure AWS Infrastructure

The Challange

Client Logo

TalkRemit is a trusted global remittance solution for sending money quickly and securely. They offer low-cost money transfers abroad and are the only company that combines online remittance with free instant chat. Customers can top-up their eWallet and send money on the go with the mobile app

The client came to us with one main challenge – architecting, implementing and maintaining an AWS infrastructure that complies with all of NIST and the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) requirements. At the same time, they needed to apply all the security measures and best practices to ensure the environment is in line with FCA standards. In a stractly-regulated segment like the finance, building a secure and scalable IT infrastructure quickly is vital.

The Solution

Technology used:

We started our solution by customizing the most appropriate AWS CloudFormation template for the client in line with the Fintech sector’s requirements. We took a few key steps to help TalkRemit as quickly and efficiently as possible:

  • Utilization of AWS CloudFormation to model and setup Amazon Web Services resources.
  • We followed the AWS Security Whitepaper as a guide for security configuration.
  • Setup and administration of VPN for connection to internal networks.
  • Configuration of AWS Config to check whether particular standards are fulfilled.
  • Utilization of AWS EFS.
  • Configuration of AWS Elasticsearch cluster to store logging information.

The Results

Quick and Easy Compliance

The most important benefit of our approach is that TalkRemit was able to fulfill most of the FCA’s requirements easily just by using the existing NIST CloudFormation template. This process saved lots of time and resources that went into developing the business rather than dealing with tedious compliance tasks.

Scaling and Cost Management

Scalability and cost management are two of the biggest benefits of cloud computing. TalkRemit can now use resources in the AWS Cloud only when needed. This optimized their costs and provided them with the opportunity to scale their operations.

Disaster Recovery Implementation

Disaster Recovery (DR) is a crucial element of all Business Continuity plans. For a financial services company like TalkRemit, DR has an even bigger impact due to the PSD2’s strict requirements. TalkRemit’s DR approaches and their implementation were streamlined with the help of AWS’s services.

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