Management Team

Management Team

The management team at R&D Solutions is composed of motivated, result-driven, extremely experienced and skillful individuals. They are committed to develop strong partnerships built on trust and integrity with both business connections and other teammates. As experts in software development, cloud engineering, project management, business development and administration, they ensure the high quality of our custom software and cloud solutions, while assuring full customer satisfaction and encouraging professional and personal development in co-workers.


Rado is responsible for the overall corporate success and the strategic development of the organization. He is Cloud expert specializing in AWS solutions and architecture design and development. He is managing relationships with our key customers and partners, company’s growth initiatives and new market strategies. He is committed to developing strong partnerships built on trust and integrity.

Rado Minchev

Managing Director | Cloud Architect


Slavi works directly with clients to help them implement end-to-end Software Release Processes, by adopting DevOps practices as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Test & Build Automation and Automated Infrastructure provisioning on Private, as well as Public (Amazon, Azure) clouds. He leads multiple software teams that develop, test, deploy, and maintain company products.

Slavi Dimitrov

Head of Software Engineering


Maryian manages and coaches our super talented Cloud Engineering and DevOps team and oversees the development of the provisioning, deployment and automation, managing and scaling of the cloud infrastructure. He has experience with AWS: providing solutions for end-customers with the appropriate AWS services, ensuring that the implementation follows the best practices issued by AWS.

Maryian Stefanov

Head of Cloud Engineering


Vyara develops organization potential through deployment and implementation of HR Policies, Recruitment, Training & Development, Compensation & Benefit Programs whilst ensuring alignment with the company’s business vision, expansion and people agenda. Targeting leadership skills and behavioral areas that need attention, she works on improving employee relations and productivity.

Vyara Donkova

Head of HR & Administration


Hristo serves as a liaison between business and technical aspects of our projects. He Plans, Supervises and Coordinates the efforts of team members to deliver our complete IT projects within the constraints of scope, quality, time and cost. He is detailed oriented and in addition to preparing full Project Documentation and Training, he is specialized in complementary Support Delivery.

Hristo Stoev

Head of PMO


Vladi has strong communication, sales, management and leadership skills. He is goal-oriented, creative and with knowledge of marketing trends and multimedia platforms. He is responsible for Planning and Implementing Sales, Marketing and Product Development Programs. He is a customer-oriented, results-driven individual who leads the sales and marketing efforts of the company.

Vladi Ognyanov

Business Development Executive


Bobi is an IT professional with strong technical skills ranging from Development to Architecture design techniques. besides his strong .Net and C# knowledge he is always eager to dive in new technologies. He is a great motivator and mentor who manages multiple agile teams comprised of software engineers. He  provides leadership with our software activities and product development.

Bobi Toromanov

Manager | Software Engineering


Krasi is a MS certified professional with diverse technical skills. As a key contributor to the team he is responsible for creating architecture, developing and maintaining quality and optimal custom software solutions. He reviews functional and technical requirements and works with project teams to ensures that the Architecture, Design, and Implementation meet enterprise goals.

Krasi Avramov

Architect | Software Engineering