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The emerging shortage of skilled talents in the technology and IT sectors for the past few years will continue to grow with even bigger scale in the next 10 years. Today every company’s goal is to increase its market share and be recognized as a leader in its business field while at the same time applies costs savings, meets deadlines and budget and focuses on its core activities.

Outsourcing has become the key to success for many businesses now. However choosing the best destination and right partner to outsource your business or definite service is a challenge. Many locations like South East Asia, South America, Central and Eastern Europe offer outsourcing services. There are many different indicators that need to be evaluated before choosing where to outsource, like available talent pool, employees’ skills and multilingual capabilities, favorable business conditions, financial attractiveness, time zone, distance and more.

In this report we’ll show you why Eastern Europe is becoming preferable outsourcing destination and which countries are on top of the list according to world’s biggest independent research agencies.


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